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The Mysterious Taste of You

You were always the curious one, from afar I know you sometimes wonder,

What are the chances and the possibility of you and me,

To be tangled together into a quick diversion moment of lust.

A black hole where no body sees or knew us.

I feel safer and scared at the same time, out of all people,

Why is it you? Somebody I knew, that I could never afford to hurt.

Those goodness in your eyes make me want to just let go and rely on trust.

And your thrust for me feels so surreal, You hold me so tender but the force was stronger.

Rest assured I will never condemn and misunderstand you.

We need this, to get us lifted and stable.

I want more of your time, you are worth the tremble and shake.

You, wrapped around my legs and while this bed is about to break.

Looking at our shadows on the wall, just makes me wet more

And want you more, I can feel you breathing on my ears and feel your heartbeat

I've been calling all the gods in my head, on every stroke I feel.

Dear Lord don't stop, I would never yield.

After we've cum to end, I've never regret one bit of it.

I'll do my best to not let go and stay on the common ground.

But as long as you want me to, I'll take you to away from the crowd,

And all of the noise that you don't want to hear I will forcefully shut them out.

Everytime I bite my lips I remeber how you taste

A taste of sweet cosmic mists on a rainy May summer night

A silent view within the chaos of loud music and lights

I see nothing but you and me, away from the world.

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