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Red Memories

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

All of us has it's own secrets. It could be your long lost love that suddenly appeared on sight. A person from the past that you could never forget, every detail of linens, ceilings, shadows, and that perfect music playing, sober but adrift by the feeling of this intoxicating high of arousal. A memory that is worthy to be just a just fragment of the past that you can recall when you hear that familiar song again or seeing that person walking right pass through you, and you both knew what went down that red evening.

These moments are stored and sealed with a purpose, maybe you were not meant to fall in love at all.

Maybe it is meant to be told through a song, an art form, a fictional character.

Who is this person to you? I am very sure he/she feels the same way.

But who ever it is. It's all but just a memory.

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