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A perfect view, from head to toe

Each move she draws a sudden blow

Everyone around knows her well

How she traps men under her spell

You can't resist her body mists

Breast so soft and curvy hips

Magestic stand while she slips her hand

Reaching her thighs so smooth and tan.

The only thing that pleases her

Is when you follow her around

Demands your time and focused eyes

To worship her and spread her down

She gives you treats between her legs

A cherry taste the sweetest dew

The more you beg, the more she makes

You feel that her body belongs to you.

The moment when you whisper

Forbidden three words that locks the pact

She pulls herself and moves away

It scares her deeply this worthless act

No heavenly words can bring her back

The sense of feeling is dead and gone

She lost her heart from years of tears

A wounded woman she moved along

"Never again" she says,

Holding her chest with pain and guilt,

She breaks your hopes and throw away

The love and lust that she has built

There's nothing left for her to give,

She wish that she could give you more

Her cursed body is all thats left

From the heartless woman that you adore

Art and words by Rizza Arales

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