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The Imposter

Who are you when no one is looking?

Do they know how much you fight your own demons every day, trying to hush them through pigments and colors on your face?

A vibrant smile that can take a fellow's soul away, a mesmerizing goddess as they say you are, to the eyes of the mortal.

A woman like us is trained to be as vigorous and tough to fight for our place.

I have experienced love and it was mortifying enough that I could not bear to experience it anymore. All of the heartaches and the unbearable tragedies that I have planted to my soil had sprouted out another version of me, The Imposter.

I blame all the pain and tragedies and thank them at the same time. It molded me to be a cunning, cold-hearted woman. Queen of all tricks, Jester on every occasion. The talents you see and hear from me are the outbursts of my pain. I am capable of doing all things that brings you life. And taking things that breaks you into pieces.

Despite all the wonders I bring to the world, it gives me love in return, but I am still lacking a certain trait. I tend to hurt people around me. Some days I can be your heaven, some times I bring you doom.

I have so many things to offer. But are you willing to accept my opposite forces?

I pretend and I fake it every day. Your Imposter.

As long as you are happy. I will wear my smiling mask.

and as long as you're here with me, you have accepted your fate of loving a beautifully tragic woman.

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