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Neon Juice

Updated: Jan 31, 2022


I always believe in proper timing and unexplained forces that could meet by fate. I had a chance to work for the R18 rom-com movie called A girl + A guy, by a well respected, high caliber, award-winning movie director/producer/writer

Erik Matti.

I created erotic illustrations for this awesome film, that I can relate to as well, being part of this new generation called Gen-Z, this is our story and it can never be stopped. He showed us the unspeakable truth that we didn't notice at all because it became our routine, dating nowadays is very easy. How many times should we swipe left and right to tinder if we canceled and ghosted / or got ghosted or ignored by the current one, just because he doesn't like Kpop and you love Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones and he hates it that you share memes too much.😆. It's a funny movie! I love fiona!! (Alexa Miro).

It turned my art into a fun and cheerful form and my love for neon colors pop as it should be. Putting in the nostalgic vibe of pop art and 90's era screaming in my head, A compliment from Direk Erik, who is very keen on details and his perfection to his craft made me pushed forward and level up to this type of style. Friendly but dirty, and thrilling to the calm eyes. Screaming attention and affection.

I am honored and thankful for this chance.

Watch / Stream the movie now!

Via Upstream.

So you can view my erotic artworks!!!

And again, welcome new followers and viewers. This is my art blog and I'm free to do a lot of things here sky is the limit!

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