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I've Been Longing For You, In the shadows

Tonight I am being summoned by my long-lost love, Can you hear me?

Here I am reaching out to you from the shadows.

I close my eyes and visit you in your chambers

Traveled the moon and stars to see your unwrapped body,

There you are! staring at nothing

"Can you see me, my love?"

Hovering beneath your body, eye to eye.

Close your eyes to see me come alive.

I can feel your hard aggression,

Let us make love like there's no tomorrow.

Your hardness is between my lips, I see you're clenching your toes.

how you have been longing for my wet tongue?

Stroking it slowly, gently while I landed at your feet.

so much to explore such sweetness to taste.

Such excitement, to hear you moan,

as you keep on saying, I'm the only one.

I ran my body over for you to enter me, let us rekindle the fire.

It still burns inside me, my love.

Devour my wetness and feel my wrath,

The moment we synced, We roared like thunder

Our bodies are electrified and shine in the dark.

As we satisfy each other endlessly, slowly, and hard.

This has come to the point where we shiver and erupt,


I can feel you inside me, bursting into flames.

As you calmed down for a moment, I lay still on top.

Wishing I could stay here with you forever, hearing your pumping heart.

I now, slowly fade away, returning to the darkness.

As you slowly opened your eyes to nothingness.

You whispered my name one last time.

and Said; " Domina, You're my only one"

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