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Eve and Eve

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

I've been following her majesty's Eve Adams instagram journey for years now, A erotic painter that uses her own body parts as her canvas, A body positivity advocate, empowering women, supports the gender equality movement. She helps and raises funds for Breast Cancer Research.

Eve, helped me opened my mind to acceptance of my sexual expressions in any form, it could be through art, body exposure, self-appreciation, self caress and of course self love that only me as a woman that also understands. It is typical for others to think that women should be as we have always been for centuries because were women, a lot of us kept silent and accepted it while the world is changing and evolving around us, which a matter of fact it is now easier to outburst, move by spreading awareness and expressions easily on different platforms that the digital world can offer. While others struggled and sit still, some of us, like Eve, fought and waved our flags from all of this stereotyping and prejudice and expressing it on forms that we are good at.

Here is is my artwork called Eve and Eve,

A tribute for miss Eve Adams, Thank you and I support your movement.

Art photo reference by Eve Adam's

To get to know Eve and her Art follow her on Instagram @skinpressions

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