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Rizza Arales X Domina | Gemini Rising

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hi, welcome to my art website, If this post reached you, thank you so much for being here. you made it this far so might as well read or scroll my works! haha! I am not a writer at all. I suck at creative writing, It could've been much easier to just make a video out of this but that takes a lot of fucking time to create and this girl is busy. Well first of all this is my website I can curse, sing, backflip and be as creative as much as I can! with no filter at all. This site/blog is my microphone to the world. I always get restricted/flagged on social media because of my art, so might as well pull you guys out here and see it for yourself.

Hello ( awkward wave)

If you still do not know me, my name is Rizza Arales.

I am an artist.

Torn between my two personalities of art as I may say, sliced my work into two for some boundaries and art rules of each media/audience. I want to hit two unicorns in one arrow.

I might have set back in for years on my art practice by traveling and exploring careers but in the back of my head I miss doing what I love, I took a big leap and went back home and started from scratch again. Ever since I am a confused woman, in all aspects.

I want a reboot on my art, we can say I have rebranded it.

I have enough drive and experience to defend my art form

and I want to release it from this moment on.

Domina my alter art is my way of liberating myself and expressing my freedom with no boundaries.

It all started when the pandemic hit badly in 2020, and there were no means of creativity around me, All was cut off, Inspiration, interaction, mediums to create. Being in contact with another person is fatal and might end you up dead. It hit me so bad too, but I did not show it or even cried my ass out to social media and feel pity for myself. Because that's not the person that I am. I set back and create art on pen and paper because that was the only available medium at that time. Draw my emotion through it. Created over 50 Ink works about myself wanting to care and touch by another human, so bad that I want to break mountains and hold a certain person at that moment. Then I realized, even if I am in front of him, I could not able to do it. Suppressed love and feelings I guess. This makes my art statement grow stronger.

I have been painting erotic and nude for years but I never felt this liberated before, maybe it's just the thought of death and chaos around me, that I want to value my time as much as I could. I am young, capable and I want to do more in this forsaken world. But I did not go all out, I bounded myself to a certain medium and space. I even want to be anonymous about it. But now I want to place it on the table.

Welcome to my art, my website. Thank you for being alive.

You made it, let's move forward.

Rizza X Domina


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