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Cloud Nine

Tonight is not just an ordinary night for her, it 5:35 am, and the sun is about to rise, the moment she stepped inside her room, gave her a big relief and sigh.

She still could not believe if it was real or just a dream, she gently touched her face and caress it the way "he" did. undressed and turns around and throws herself on the bed

she is in cloud nine.

Is it possible? , She asked.

Her bright smile and dreamy eyes are slowly turning into a frown

and finally gave her a blank reaction.

She rose up to walk towards her window looking out at the orange sky, the dawn. As the air breeze flows through her brown hair, and the chills climb on her spine, sunrise reflects on her hazel, then she shuts it slowly.

Then she realized.

The kiss was real, the touch was real, his warm embrace is still here but, he is not mine. It was just a stolen kiss, it was just an urge for touch, and a borrowed embrace.

There's no chance for us to be called "us", no way for me to express my love nor lust.

It left her hanging, floating, flying.

Hoping that one day, she will feel these again not only on warm orange skies.

But all through the bright yellow day and cold raven night.

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