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Can you be my after-party?

I was that mysterious girl you've been staring at the bar while sipping that below zero beer. Nobody knows this, but you and me, the silent signals are in the air, Your band was playing next. Oh, I love it how you stretch those fingers, and tuning and turning your drums and snare before the madness happens. My favorite part is when my song comes up, and you removed your shirt all sweaty. You make my heart stop. Those sticks running to your fingers Just give me sensations that I could not explain. You make me weak. I was absorbing all your energy across the room and filling you in like thunder in my rainy wet thongs. I was so lifted so high that I came right there in the middle of the crowd. And I know that you saw that, you were staring at me when it triggered. I blushed and ran outside from embarrassment. Smoke up and forget that it happened.

Minutes after you walk up to me, after your set and took my hand, pulled me out away from the crowd. It was on. I waited for this to happen, you slowly whispered to my ear.

"You look so fucking hot, I can't stop staring at you.." I want to rip your dress apart".

Domina: "I want to feel you tonight, and I want It hard core too"

my heart was pounding so hard.

And he said:

"Can you be my after-party?"

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