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Rizza is a multidisciplinary artist whose unique aesthetic adds dimension to her work. Studied Fine Arts and majored in Advertising, and she is currently earning a living as a Senior Graphic Designer in Manila, Philippines, where she lives out some of the moments that inspire her most vividly. Her background in music and being an openly active erotica illustrator have enabled her to build a following for her digital and traditional art.



Throughout her career, she has completed commissioned paintings for clients across the world, including the Philippines, Dubai, Austria, and Singapore. She has also created many paintings for private collectors in London. Her best-known works are nudes of women and her studies of their bodies. Her use of vibrant colors with contrasting strokes gives her work a vivid quality. Some of her other works are pin-up style illustrations.


Rizza Arales subsequently made the alter ego Domina X Erotica, now specializing in paper and digital illustration. Born in the middle of the chaos of the pandemic 2020, Rizza's explorations of paper and digital illustration were greatly influenced by her lack of canvases and pigments during this time. As a result, she was compelled by her exploration to touch upon themes such as freedom and vulnerability, as well as love and lust.

Her erotic illustrations were featured in an Erik Matti Rom-Com movie A Girl + A Guy.

Domina X Erotica has now earned a niche of followers and continues to emerge on the surface of the art scene. With this alter-art, she has created her own brand merchandise that earned collectors across the metro.

Rizza X Domina_edited.png


Can't get enough of her art? You can help Rizza to move forward on her passion. 

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